As we embrace the vibrant atmosphere of the Norwich Lanes at Christmas we can’t help feel a sense of excitement. We are thrilled to be experiencing our first festive season in our new location and witnessing what has been popular in store for our customer’s gifting needs. We decided to head on over to the blog to dive into the favourites that have made our store a treasure trove for shoppers this festive season and hopefully provide some ideas for those that still need some gifting inspiration.

Pensatore Planter

Introducing the “Pensatore” Planter – a unique, quirky container designed to elevate your house plant experience. This is not just a plant pot; it’s a statement piece that brings life to any space and they have been uber popular since hitting our shelves. One of the loveliest things about these beauties is whilst they are sold as planters we have had some great creative souls finding other great uses for them in particular several people who have turned them into candles! With 3 sizes available, prices ranging from £19.50 to £42.00, they really are a lovely gift for a green-thumbed enthusiast.

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William Morris Print

Once again a firm favourite in store is our range of beautiful prints showcasing the timeless artistry of William Morris. These exquisite pieces each feature one of Morris’s iconic designs, renowned for their intricate patterns and rich, nature-inspired themes. Each print can be elegantly matched in a frame that complements the artwork’s classic beauty and enhances its visual appeal. Whether you know an admirer of the Arts and Crafts movement or simply seeking a stunning decorative piece for a gift, the Morris prints are a perfect choice.

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Faccia Glass

A whimsical addition to any glassware collection that’s sure to spark joy with every sip! This quirky glass is expertly crafted from premium, durable glass material, featuring a playful design that’s as fun to look at as it is to use. Its unique shape not only catches the eye but also provides a comfortable grip, making it perfect for both casual and formal occasions. Ideal for serving favorite beverages, from refreshing lemonades to sophisticated cocktails, the Faccia Glass adds a splash of fun to any drink. Get ready to elevate your gifts with an array of styles & colours to choose from – from tumblers to wine glasses and colours from subtle Amber and Rose vibrant Blues and Greens.

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Coloured Glass Frame

If you are looking for something sentimental to gift this festive season and have a beautiful photograph you need an equally beautiful frame to present it in! Introducing our range of handmade stained glass ‘Bonnie’ frames from Doing Goods. A stunning display of craftsmanship and sustainability, each one a one-of-a-kind piece featuring subtle variations in each piece making them imperfectly unique. With their simple yet elegant design, they enhance any photo, from family portraits to scenic landscapes. The frame’s clean lines and transparent beauty allow your pictures to take center stage, while adding a touch of earth-friendly sophistication to your decor. Each one is beautifully gift packed in a matching box made of recycled cotton paper. These frames are a statement of love for the planet and the moments worth remembering.

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Fragola Vase

For that wonderful eclectic in your life, this delightful vase, features a unique strawberry design, in vibrant colours that bring a splash of color and cheer to any room. The textured surface, resembling the seed-speckled exterior of a strawberry, adds a tactile element to its visual appeal. Perfect for holding fresh flowers or as a standalone decorative piece, the Fragola Vase is both versatile and eye-catching. You may think, strawberries in December? but the gold version is stunningly festive at this time of year too! With 4 sizes available, prices range from £32.00 to £78.00 Its playful shape and bright colors make it an ideal gift choice for adding a touch of joy to that special someones living space

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